Human Resources Consulting + Facilitation

Human Resources, Organizational Development, and Facilitation support for small progressive non-profits (congregations, communities, and organizations)


Innovative Spirit’s HR consulting retainer is custom tailored for the strategic goals of small, values-driven progressive non-profits.

A retainer is perfect if you have HR needs, but not enough to warrant a dedicated employee. It is also perfect if you have a very small HR department and could benefit from additional, external vendor  support.

Our HR retainer can help you:

  • Review and create HR policy
  • Provide support to your personnel committee or administrator who oversees HR issues.
  • On-boarding advice (employees, volunteers)
  • Suggestions on managing culture, change, and knowledge management
  • Offer expertise on best practices on deepening inclusion, belonging, and engagement
  • Support laid off employees with our outplacement career services while protecting your reputation
  • Provide custom team facilitation to support leadership development, strategic planning, team building, and/or engagement customized to your needs
  • Providing a custom facilitation experience for your team to support team-building, engagement, leadership development, and strategic planning, for example.

Human resources include all your people, paid and unpaid such as volunteers. Support for your non-paid staff is also included in your retainer agreement.


I specialize in (1) small progressive employers with between 1-30 employees and (2) Unitarian Universalist communities of any size.

I am a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), with over 18 years’ experience as a clinical sociologist, equity, inclusion, and accessibility strategist, and organizational effectiveness professional.

I have two master’s degrees – one in Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development and the other in Leadership Studies from a Unitarian Universalist seminary. Please learn more about me here.

My retainer provides dedicated support to address your most urgent HR needs. It also provides the opportunity to focus on long-term strategic HR goals that connect with your mission.

You can also receive One-time services by scheduling a 60 minute session with me on your HR needs without as a Pay-as-you-go clients (no retainer agreement). Learn more about this below.

Now that more staff are working in hybrid environments, the need to attract, retain, and support your team is crucial to thriving into the future despite external uncertainty.



Some well-meaning leaders may seek an attorneys help assuming all lawyers are human resources experts when that is not the case. I will be able to advise you on when you need an attorney and provide a referral to one who specializes in HR as needed.

Others may reach out to an HR expert, but that professional may not be the best person to apply their expertise in the unique environment of small values-driven communities where relationships, trust, inclusiveness, and community matter most.



Most small non profits do not have a person dedicated solely to human resources. HR is often one of the many responsibilities an employee may have. Many are doing HR work without HR expertise. This scenario often results in human resources being done only when fires need to be put out or being executed at a low level of performance since the employee is already busy with many other important duties.

Human Resources is not something to be taken casually. There are legal risks for your community that can cost money and heartache. There are morale risks that can impact a feeling of belong in your employees and volunteers that make prioritizing human resources critical for congregations to thrive into the future.


Your HR consulting is 100% virtual. It includes zoom and email consulting to discuss your HR and related issues. Time spent sourcing resources and creating follow-up documentation is also included. You will have a dedicated HR consultant to support and advise you with the option to add additional hours if needed.

Additionally, I will offer suggestions and advice on projects I recommend you implement based on my understanding of your needs. Prior to the first month of the retainer, we will meet with your Point of Contact to understand your overarching goals, pain points, and how to best support you.


The minimum retainer agreement is $1,750.  HR services rendered (excluding training classes and facilitation services which has special pricing noted below) will be billed according to a $175 hourly rate. All retainer agreements include a retainer on-boarding fee of includes $200.

Retainers are secured on an annual basis and can be ended by either party with a written 30 days’ notice. They may be paid in an annual lump sum. If a retainer ends and you’ve paid in a lump sum, you will be reimbursed for any unused retainer months minus the 30-day required notice billed at the monthly



For Pay-as-you-go clients (no retainer agreement), you can schedule a one-time, 60 minute HR Consulting Call for $250. You are encouraged to invite relevant team members.

Human Resources is one of the most important, yet most often neglected operational areas when it comes to leading a successful congregation or community.





$540 – Short & Sweet, high impact custom program and facilitation (2 hours)
$1,075 – Half Day Workshop (4 hours)
$1,750 – Full Day Workshop (6.5 hours)
$270 – Hourly Training/Class Rate for Curriculum created by others
$250 – Hourly Training/Class Rate for Innovative Spirit Signature Classes
$385 – Specialty Theme Talk (per 20 minutes)

In person facilitation may include an additional materials and/or travel fee



Even one hour a month can make the difference between a toxic, understaffed workplace with overworked people to a thriving community with happy, engaged employees whose productivity is reflected in their joy for their work and deep feelings of belonging.

If you believe your people are your most important asset, then take the next step to secure your HR consulting retainer agreement.

Investing in expert help to navigate complex and day-to-day HR issues with skill and compassion is essential for the health and well-being of your community.

As your HR consultant, I will become a part of your extended team and will be proactive in facilitating your ongoing success in alignment with your larger community goals.

Looking forward to working with you!

Please schedule a connection call or send me an email to get started.