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Do you want to leave the financial and job stress behind, discover work that brings you joy, and make more money?

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Welcome to The Career Calling Path™

What are you called to do and why? 

Every single person has a purpose. When we discover and express our life’s purpose through the work that we do, there’s a beautiful alignment that happens which inevitably increases our work and life fulfillment. When we follow what we are called to do, there’s deep satisfaction, joy, and a sense of “coming home”.

Career Direction offered by Innovative Spirit supports you through the obstacles to discovering your life purpose and the pressures of just needing to make a living.

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.
― Howard Thurman


Are you ready to come alive?

That may sound corny, but truth be told – there’s a difference between living and actually having a life. When we have a life, we honor our spirit by prioritizing what brings us joy, focusing on our strengths, and using our gifts to be a blessing to the world. We are all connected which is why we may feel incomplete and empty when we’re not honoring our life’s purpose.

Many also find themselves living paycheck to paycheck as a result of not honoring their life’s purpose. When we align our work with our spirit and gifts, all kinds of door open – especially financial ones! We have yet to see an authentic life’s purpose that did not involve helping others in some way. Honoring our spirit is nurturing our creativity and using the gifts we have to contribute to the world. This is what makes our Career Direction spiritually centered.

When we accept our Call by following our life’s purpose throughout work, the universe rewards us with joy, financial security, and freedom. If you think this concept is too “woo woo” and you’re happy being a part of every person for themselves “rat race”, then this is not for you.

If you think discovering and following your Call (authentic vocation/life’s purpose) is possible and want help getting there, our Career Direction is for you.

Our spiritually centered Career Direction (career coaching with an emphasis on unfolding meaning, purpose, and discernment around ones vocational Call through a spiritual lens) is offered to people of all faiths.

It’s a process of connecting one’s career with not just a higher purpose, but with a higher meaning greater than oneself. Our work is about deep, lasting change that impacts heart, spirit, finances, and more.

These types of changes don’t happen overnight, which is why it’s based on a 30-day commitment.

Please note however, that that Innovative Spirit is not a recruiter, does not offer headhunting, job placement, or resume distribution services. Spiritual Career Direction is not therapy or pastoral care. 

The Career Calling Path™

Do you feel stuck, unfulfilled, and broke? The Career Direction offered at Innovative Spirit is a 30-day commitment, all-inclusive holistic program. When you become a member of The Career Calling Path program, you become a part of our community of learners and doers.

This includes everything you need to move forward with your goals and live into your calling without feeling overworked, underpaid, and stressed.

I offer a one-time price or you can split your investment into 6 payments over six months.

Total Value: $3,098

Price: $1.700 (paid as $283/month for 6 months) 

Paid in Full: Just $1,500 (savings of $200)

✨ Four 45-minute Private Career Directions Calls with Ebony ($1800 at $450 each)

✨ Any assets within 30 days (ex: resume, cover letter, reference letters, academic entrance essays, job applications, $999)

✨ Facebook Messenger + Email Access ($299)

✨ Private member’s only FB group to always get support

***If you’re having trouble finding a new job you would enjoy that meets your salary goals…

***If you can’t seem to get job interviews…

***If you have self-doubts around asking for a raise…

***If you’re tired of wondering “how everyone is able to afford and have time to eat at restaurants, travel, and enjoy their life…”

***Or if you simply don’t know how to determine what kinds of jobs you should apply to and want to update your resume with hands on support

***If you like your job, but there’s no room for growth and your salary is just “ok” and you know you can and want to do better but need help getting started

***If you are considering applying for college or graduate school and need support with choosing a course of study and/or completing your application

***If your goals include entrepreneurship or growing your side-hustle...

Put an end to your struggles with The Career Calling Path when you’re ready to put in the work to experience deep, lasting change in your career, finances, and overall well-being.

🌟Signature Process: Dignity –> Interdependence –> Authenticity –> Liberation🌟

This unique process proactively honors self-care and facilitates long-lasting career wellness that relieves stress and increases joy.

🌟Secret Sauce: Respected Credentials + Hands-on Experience + Prioritizing Deeper (spiritual/purposeful) Fulfillment from Work & Sustained Financial Wellness 🌟

  • I bring my over 17 years of expertise as a clinical sociologist and career consultant working as a human resources and organizational effectiveness professional where I oversaw learning strategy, change management, and faith-based leadership. I have hired, fired, supervised others, participated in employment hearings, managed Inclusion and EEO in the workplace, and served as a Chief Learning Officer overseeing employee and leadership development for over 3,000 federal employees.
  • I have two master’s degrees – one in Leadership Studies from Meadville Lombard Theological School and another in Strategic Human Resources and Organizational Development from Johns Hopkins University. I am a Certified Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), Certified Global Career Development Facilitator Instructor, and Certified Career Services Professional.

Ready to move forward?

Schedule your wellness visit with me. Let’s assess your career wellness and address your goals. You’ll learn more about The Career Calling Path and how I can help you increase your income, find a better work environment, and have more flexibility and freedom in your career.


Here’s what’s included when you become part of our Career Calling Path Program Community:

30 Day Access to The Career Calling Path Program and our Signature Process
Our goal is simple: to help you go from overworked, financially insecure, and purpose-questioning to experiencing peace and enthusiasm in your career calling. Each week we will apply our signature process to focusing on 1 goal each of the four weeks. We break the process down into simple, practical steps – carefully and intentionally designed to save you time & energy and generate results. 

Weekly One-on-One Spiritual Career Direction

These four calls are dedicated to you and your progress. Your journey will have its own unique twists and turns. We (Ebony and/or special guests) will personally be here for you every step of the way. We will help you create real action towards achieving your goals. You will get help removing any roadblocks that pop up along the way. Get your questions answered and be held accountable. You will progress in a way that feels aligned to the goals of your heart.

Private Covenant Career Community (priceless!)
Together we will unfold truths, clarify our purpose, redesign our resumes, and create a clear path towards financial security. Together, we will play a sacred role in the formation of one another. This private, supportive community will share in your wins and challenges, and provide a network to keep you moving toward your goals. As you are motivated and encouraged, you get the priceless benefit of networking and wisdom sharing with others who are on the journey with you. 

Discern your career + confidence + financial freedom

The Career Calling Path is your plan for discerning your career + confidence + financial freedom.

Based on your career goals, we apply our signature process to supporting you in making more money and having more freedom by living into what you are called to do.

Financial freedom can help you relieve day-to-day financial stress and be more generous with your charitable contributions.

Living into your calling facilitates joy, peace, connection, and confidence that results from finding meaning with the divine.

Call 1 (Dignity): Private Spiritual Career Direction

Discover or Affirm Your Purposeful Career
You are worthy of honor and respect. Give yourself the dignity of doing work you enjoy. Give yourself the dignity of living into your Calling. You deserve to do work you are suited for. You deserve to be compensated fairly while pursing the desires of your heart. Stop existing and start living; discover/affirm your career direction, spiritual gifts, and strengths. This call is about honesty, clarity, and decision-making.

Call 2 (Interdependence): Private Spiritual Career Direction

Design Your Collaborative win-win Strategy + Assets
If we’re not working for ourselves, we’re working for others. When interviewing, it’s about finding a great fit not just for the company, but for yourself and your lifestyle and goals. You depend on your employer, and they depend on you. On this call we will focus on creating a strategy for attaining your goals. This includes research and being ready for opportunities. This also may include creating important employment related documents or an action plan from a lens of interdependence and confidence.

Call 3 (Authenticity): Spiritual Career Direction

Increase Your Income, Joy, + Fulfillment
Showcase the authentic YOU to leverage the interview, references, salary negotiation, and more for better compensation and benefits and job fit. Apply for, evaluate, and follow up on opportunities.

Call 4 (Liberation Part 1): Private Spiritual Career Direction

Succeed at Work
How to be an essential employee or successful business owner, plan your next move, navigate work politics, and develop professionally 

Optional Add-on

Call 5 (Liberation Part 2): Private Spiritual Career Direction

Full Spiritual and Financial Freedom (Get out of the rat race)
Deepen your spirituality, create a realistic path to wealth, give generously, receive abundantly, live in freedom 


I recommend setting aside at least 2 to 4 hours a week to get the best results. With access to the program for a full 30 days, you may reach your goals sooner.

Any sessions can be recorded so you can refer to them later. 30 days give you time and flexibility to absorb the program, apply the heart-felt strategies, maximize your results, deepen your connection with the divine, and learn from others on the journey with you.

After 30 days, you may also renew for an additional 30 days or request additional 1:1 session at the normal $450 per 45 minutes session rate.

As the program grows, we anticipate adjusting the price to align more closely with the actual $3,098 value. Now is the best time to apply! 

The Career Calling Path™ is a 30-day program and commitment.


Still have questions? Please feel free to email me: (innovativespirituu@gmail.com)

Are you ready?

I’m honored to be on this journey with you.


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Ebony— Thank you so much for taking the time to present at the MCDA 2010 Annual Conference. I really enjoyed both of your presentations.  Some people were convinced to attend the conference, just from the titles of your sessions!  The conference would not have been such a success without people like you.  I look forward to working with you more in the future. Warmly, Amanda.  

  Amanda C. Baker, MS, NCC, Former President, Maryland Career Development Association


We were looking for a presenter who could speak about the topic of managing transgender employees in the workplace. I received a recommendation from our chapter founder that she would be an excellent resource to tap into. After speaking with her about what she provides, I was very impressed with her approach. She helps her clients succeed in managing the obstacles and opportunities as far as living a dual life and supports them in finding worthwhile employment in a very supportive atmosphere.   I appreciate how she was able to connect the particular information that she referenced with the need for the employer to define ways to manage their people in a supportive manner. In short, Ebony is an engaging, well-versed and phenomenal speaker.   I hope that she would be interested in further opportunities with working with our chapter. She adds a very diverse perspective on how to manage employees. This type of diversity is desperately needed in every work environment regardless of race, gender, and orientation.  

  Rodney U. Bellamy, Vice President Programs & Professional Development
National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR) Baltimore, MD   http://naaahrbaltimore.org    

Ebony structured, managed, and taught a leadership potential program aimed at up-and-coming executives within the Federal government. Ebony is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has an effortless ability to not only teach, but inspire others to learn.  

– John Nelson, Federal Employee

I know I’m a pretty screwed up guy which makes the voice of reason you have so invaluable… Anyone in need of counseling about their career path or who is at a crossroads there would be a fool not to sit with you and listen to your suggestions. Thanks again!

– Tim Olsen, Skycrafts

For the Unitarian Church of Silver Spring (UUCSS) Auction, Ebony donated seats to a seminar entitled, “Secure an Internship and Make it Count!” I purchased a seat and attended with my daughter. My daughter is a high school student thinking about pursuing internships.   Ebony is the perfect person for introducing this topic, especially to young people. She has a great deal of in-depth knowledge and personal experience, and she delivers the information in a way that’s meaningful and relevant for young people. Many people do career workshops, but I think it’s exciting for teenagers to learn about these topics from someone close to their age who can relate to them on their level. The seminar was very well organized. Ebony presented a lot of information that really helped the girls get a sense of what the possibilities were and look at some alternative ways of thinking about things. I was impressed by how much she knew about internships in general: private and federal, paid and unpaid, school credit or no credit. She also taught the girls how to create their own internships. Ebony shared from her personal experience as well as her professional background, and it was exciting for the girls to hear how she did it. Before the seminar, my daughter was tired and did not want to go. Once she was there, Ebony had no problem getting her engaged and my daughter really perked up. I think that meeting Ebony and hearing what she had to say was very inspiring for my daughter. As soon as we got home, she immediately got online and started following up on the resources and strategies that Ebony presented. From my perspective, I found this to be an excellent seminar. Ebony’s advice to maintain a portfolio notebook reminded me that I need to be more proactive about getting recommendation letters for my own business. I currently get business by word of mouth, but you can’t always count on that. I attended the seminar for my daughter, but I learned a great deal myself.

– Deborah Thornton, MSW

In regard to the job department – I’m kicking ass. The resume we created was helpful. Now I’m designing video games out of Montgomery College, teaching, and doing freelance stuff including exhibiting my art. Before working with Ebony, I just wasn’t quite sure the direction I needed to go to get a job that fit me, I was very aimless. I had an idea of the direction but didn’t know how to find that path. Afterwards, I had more focus and an idea about how to prioritize, find my path and look for little jobs first, and then build up my reputation. Being an artist, which is an alternative lifestyle within itself, helped me decide to work with her because she understood what I was looking for. A regular 9-5 normal person job wouldn’t satisfy me. Plus, my main job that I’m at allows me to work with other artists. It helps with my esteem towards my career and appreciation for my job. Basically, she helped me create a strategy to get experience and then pursue more professional jobs in the field that I wanted. I’ve been successful! I wanted to work in the art field and now I have 3 or 4 art jobs. I like the fact that I’m working in creative environments with a lot of flexibility.

– Sarah Palaszynsk, Illustrator and Art Educator,

As a professional, the “Goths, Geeks, and Freaks – Oh My!” seminar expanded my understanding of working with unique and alternative clients. I was particularly impressed with the information on their style and the issues they face; particularly in how they can be perceived and how they may feel. The other thing I found was helpful suggestions on how they can still be themselves while integrating into corporate America. I found the resources she provided about specific websites for use as a professional or for the clients to be particularly helpful. I’ve attended other seminars on other special populations (such as disabled, ex-offenders, etc.); however, what made this unique was that it addressed a population that many professionals don’t recognize or understand as truly a distinctive population. I learned more that it’s a lifestyle versus just a “stage”.

What I liked most was the presenter, Ebony did a great job taking the subject on a little known population who is often misunderstood, ostracized and discriminated against, put it together very professionally, with energy and tact. I would recommend this workshop or Ebony as a presenter, for HR professionals, career counselors, recruitment professionals and anyone who may come in contact with and serve alternative people. Also, it’s a great presentation for college campuses, parents, special organizations and high schools for raising awareness and promoting respect for social and lifestyle differences as well.

– Pamela Allen, former president of MCDA, Program Director at University Career Center University of MD College Park.

Ebony is one of the most talented people I’ve ever met to help you get to the  core of what your message is. Whether you’re a creative type or a federal employer (which is her background) or the average person on the street who wants more career satisfaction, more career happiness, and who wants to really understand what to do with your life and how to make your life work in terms of your career…she wants you to have a high quality of life at your work, whatever it is. If you’re employed, if you’re an employee anywhere – you need this woman! You need Ebony. Get to her seminar or workshop, don’t wait. You’re silly if you wait. She’s giving you a lot of value, she’s generous and I guarantee you at the end of the day – you will never take her money back guarantee. You’ll say “I wish I came more!” And you’ll probably refer a lot of your friends. You will get more value than you even know. 

– Terri Levine, The Business Growth Guru (as seen on The Wallstreet Journal, CNBC, MSNBC, REDBOOK, and more) http://www.terrilevine.com/

It was excellent! I thought it was so awesome. It opened up opportunity for discussion and for us to learn. I just want to say to everyone, even if it’s on a corporate level to take the information that Ebony has to offer. I think she’ll go a long way in teaching people how to market themselves properly and get what they ask for as it related to their salary or income.

– Brenda Loften, Woman in Ministry since 1988: Evangelist, Prophetess, Psalmist, Pastor and now an aspiring Author of Christian and secular books

At first I couldn’t get anything, then after working with Ebony, I got stuff that related to my field that I liked and it snowballed that the more jobs I got, the better I was able to learn about what I really wanted until I ended up where I am. Now, I have an excellent part-time job in my field that gives me the time and flexibility to work on my PhD in Applied Management & Decision Sciences, Information Systems Management and still have extra time to watch Anime and play Nintendo Wii.

Warren Bannister, Independent Information Technology Consultant, ScurtekSystems Development  

^_^ That’s all I can say about my new resume and cover letter. This is amazing, Eb. I have to admit, there’s no way I could’ve done anywhere near as good a job on that cover letter as you have. You actually got everything I have trouble communicating out there for me. If I make any changes, it’ll ruin the whole thing. Thank you SO much. I’m going to show Cherice (My wife) the next chance I get. I’ll also be replacing all of my online resumes with this one tomorrow night. Awesome stuff! Thanks to the help I received I was able to get a good job at Northrop Grumman. Everything was just so well done; I mean I couldn’t think of any ways to make any improvements on what you did.

– Dennis Scurry III, Computer Installation Technician, Serious Gamer, FanFiction Writer

Ebony, my gratitude goes to you for your time and consideration. I am extremely impressed by your professionalism and feel that my career life is in extremely good hands. It’s welcoming for a change to speak with someone that instantly understands you as a person. Again, thank you. I was so impressed; I sent my husband and girlfriend the highest recommendation possible to take a look at your services. Also, please know that our conversation gave me inspiration to look into the PMBOK classes at my local college. I’ve already started discussing with my husband a plan to make this happen. And, By the way, I decided not to take the other position for economic reasons, and the possibility that working with you can take me to a better place. I look forward to this journey.
Again, many thanks, Peace & Blessings

 – Artondra, Lead Photographer at Project Art 69, ProjectArt69 – Professional, Photographer | DeviantArt

What I like most about Ms. Ebony is that she makes me re-evaluate my work experience and apply that to what I really want. My passions should be my main focus at this stage of my career. Eunice Benthall
Text Processing Operator, federal employee  

Let’s get started!

Schedule your wellness visit with me. Let’s assess your career wellness and address your goals. You’ll learn more about The Career Calling Path and how I can help you increase your income, find a better work environment, and have more flexibility and freedom in your career.


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